Amplifying Therapy.

Providing data driven virtual reality therapy to support clinicians and their patients.

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of Americans are currently diagnosed with anxiety disorders


average patients per therapist in the united states in 2022

1 in 3

adults in the united states will be affected by anxiety during their life-time


of all telehealth tools are used by professionals in Mental Health Care

what we know

Not enough clinicians, too much demand.


Length of time needed to train specialized clinicians creates bottlenecks that limit access to good quality care for many patients.


Many clinicians end up delivering a lower standard of care due to an overwhelming volume of patients.


The current model of talk therapy is costly due to the high level of involvement required by clinicians.


Only 20% of existing interventions in mental health are based on rigorous studies.

how we can help

A centralized platform to unburden clinicians.

Virtual Reality Therapy

Our HIPAA compliant platform will provide access to research based Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality therapeutic environments for stress reduction, cognitive remediation and soon FDA approved therapy for individuals with anxiety.


We combine our virtual therapy modules with integrated biofeedback using headsets and wearables to support evidence based diagnostics and assessments all through our platform.

Progress Tracking

To save time, we analyze the results of the digital therapy experience and produce simple reports that integrate with their Electronic Health Records. It allows clinicians to suggest online homework based on data and keep a wholistic ecological track of patient progress at home.

How it works

The Benefits of VR Therapy.


Have oversight on your anonymous data through the platform and how it is analyzed to enhance your progress and therapy.

Safer Approach

Studies show that people are drawn to VR Therapy for its playfulness of environments and anonymity that increase their ability to share.

Greater Control

Experience a variety of situations without having to leave your therapeutic environment and be monitored by digital navigators.

Increased Productivity

Virtual Reality provides greater adaptivity and control to professionals. Patients are exposed to a wide range of situations suited for their progress.

Scientifically Validated

Three decades of peer-reviewed controlled studies support the effectiveness of virtual reality in psychology.

about us

Putting clinicians first to better serve patients.

Our Mission

Is to amplify the tools of clinicians and meet them where they are to free up their time. Founded by scientific and creative minds, augmend is dedicated to innovate in digital therapeutic content to simplify, centralize and enhance accessibility to effective therapy.

Our Values

Our values are to expand the boundaries of mental health care with cultural inclusivity and ethical integrity. We aim to enhance privacy, trust and community to improve the quality of care. We support our solutions with evidence-based research and work directly with clinicians to ensure our tools match their reality.